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Access Control System installations in Selby and throughout North Yorkshire

Access control is the broad term given to controlling movement both through external entrances to a building and also some internal areas where restricted access is required. It gets rid of the need to have multiple copies of keys to be supplied to members of staff and uses can easily be deleted if they leave the company or worse case loose the keys ensuring you of maximum security at all times.

Which system is for me?

Systems can be simply via a keypad with a lock release on the door or connect remotely to a central monitoring point. Whatever your requirements SWAT can help! Our design team can provide you with a value for money solution using the latest state of the art equipment which will be installed and maintained by our own in house skilled engineers, ensuring you of the quality of service you would expect.

A typical door system would comprise of the following key points.

  • Door Reader (Replaces the door key) – This can be a keypad, proximity token reader, a swipe card (similar to a credit card) or a combination of different types.
  • Electric Door Lock – The electronic lock is a crucial part of the system and choosing the correct look for the type of door is important. Lock releases can be added to
    existing door locks or as a new complete lock and can be set to fail locked or unlocked if there is a total power failure to the building.
    On certain doors we would fit electronic mag locks which hold the doors closed with
    a strong magnetic force.
  • Main System Controller – On smaller systems this is usually incorporated in to the
    door reader on larger installations this tends to be fitted remotely normally in the
    power supply unit making the installation neat and tidy.
  • Internal Exit Devices – These are normally just a push to exit button which resembles
    a single light switch: where higher security is required a duplicate reader as on the
    outside can be fitted to stop unauthorised access this is especially if the exit button
    could easily be accessed e.g. external gates.
  • Intercom/CCTV Systems –Intercom/CCTV Systems are useful if you wish to confirm either verbally or visually who is at your door when they call. The Intercom and CCTV Camera can normally be added into a standard door system in one unit to make it a nice compact and neat installation. The intercom can be connected to a stand alone phone in the premises or if you have a telephone system fitted it can be connected to that to allow control of your doors through your desktop phones (subject to server).
  • Multiple Access Systems - This type of system is normally a set of flats with one entrance door or a multiple occupancy commercial premises, they work the same as a single door system with an intercom but would have more call buttons to each flat/business.
  • Emergency Door Release – In case of emergency we would normally fit a green break glass unit adjacent to the exit door which can be pressed to permanently unlock the door. We can also connect your doors to a relay off your fire alarm system so that if in the event of a fire the doors would unlock automatically to allow safe exit from the building.

Access Control for your premises starting from as little at £399+VAT (Subject to site survey)

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